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3:35 am -- February 25, 2014


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Love to DJ

Every year, I reflect back on what the previous year was all about.  The Ups, Downs, and in-betweens.  This year - no different.  I do this because I love what I do as a DJ. Last year I summed it up in one word: COMMERCIAL!  Was I disappointed...meeehhhhh.  Did I have successes and challenges - absolutely!  Do I have any regrets?  NEVER! So what does that mean?  I challenge myself all over again because I simply have love for the craft.  Every year without fail, I prove to outdo my last year!  I LOVE what I do.  So it's without a doubt I must check myself. It's time to recheck the passion and purpose levels to, as they say, #turnup (go ahead, click it) and get back to what I LOVE TO DO. With that said, check out this article about being a Better DJ from www.PassionateDJ.com which just about sums it up for every DJ who has love for the craft.  
What is it that fuels your desire to share music to an audience?  Is it a job?  Extra income?  A way to meet and impress girls?  Or is it more than that?  How is the idea of passion incorporated into a format in which we play other people’s music?  Do you truly feel like you express yourself through the music you play?  Can a DJ really take you “on a journey”, as they say? Can they?  Certainly.  Do they?  Not often enough.  This is what you might consider the art (or science) of DJing. You see,  what constitutes someone as being a “good DJ” has very little to do with what media format they choose, what type of music they play, or how good their technical skills are (that is, unless they are specifically an exhibitionist DJ).  I feel like it doesn’t matter whether or not you use a “sync button”, the type of gear you use, or the genres of music that you choose to share.  Good DJing is about adaptation, observation, and psychology.

To view the rest of the article, click here.


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