Over-Thinking your DJ Sets from Traktortips.com

by DJ Chris Stylez

11:00 pm -- June 28, 2013


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I received an email from one of the Traktor Tips’ readers that highlighted an important issue that has been coming up over and over again. Over-thinking your DJ Sets. Jamie says:-
Normally (when making a mix) I do a couple of practise runs and listen to the tracks in iTunes over and over in the order I want to play them, generally using the key matching from Traktor. When I finish the mix it sounds OK’ish but there are a few hits & misses. Then I bought some new tunes and decided to record the mix after ZERO practises. The recorded mix sounds AWESOME!!!! The transitions are a lot tighter and I even threw some effects in, mostly Gater and Flanger. I can’t believe how much better this mix is compared to the one I practised TWICE and studied over and over again for two weeks prior to recording!! Why is this? Has this happened to you?
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"]Over thinking your DJ Sets think[/caption] I feel that it’s down to being in the moment!There is so much information out there about making sure you ‘do this‘ and ‘do-that‘, that people really get stressed about making things sound just right. Technology has broken down the art of DJ’ing into compartments such as beat-matching, harmonic mixing, music labelling, organisation and effects. By breaking everything down this way, it is taking the focus off the essence of DJ’ing and turning it into an over-thought and over managed process. If you think and analyse too much, you add too much structure and you’re then connected to thought and in your headspace.When you connect to the deeper knowing inside of you things flow much better. Once you connect to this, let it flow, stop over-thinking your mixes and simply have fun. ;-) This applies to everything in life. When you are truly following your passions and are following your HEART, things flow easily and come naturally. There are no rules to art and creativity, true art shines through when you stop thinking. Creativity comes from inspiration, inspiration means ‘in-spirit‘, or ‘from spirit‘. If you are over-thinking your mixes, the mix is coming from your brain and not from your heart and soul. Once you have learnt the basics of technical equipment, you can let go of all the complexities and ‘rules’ and just let it flow. Go and record a mix, don’t practice it, but make sure you record it! Forget that you’re recording it, be in the moment and have fun. See how it turns out…..

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